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Why Natural soaps?

Posted by Mel @Bitsoaps on 3/1/2014

Let's face it, soap is nothing new. However, the interesting piece is that commercial soap has evolved quite drastically since the dawn of civilizations. The truth is that soap is a composition of simple chemistry, an alkali reacting with fats. It seems that over the course of the last 8 centuries, soap was gradually made with a variety of fats (e.g., olive oil, coconut, palm) and alkalis (e.g., wood ash, sea salt). In today's day and age, most commercialized and widely used soaps are made with questionable chemicals. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, need I say more?

Why does something as simple as soap, contain ingredients so complicated to pronounce? Did simplicity and the "au naturale" diminish over time because of our demands for complex olfactory satisfaction? Perhaps, it is highly desired to have a soap for every purpose; antibacterial, detoxifying, anti-acne, and zombie repelling. I too, am guilty for stockpiling these products under my bathroom sink. I love having options, smelling like exotic fragrances, and washing my face with antimicrobial soap. Who wouldn't?

One day, I was visiting my uncle. I asked my 10 year old cousin how school was. He replied that he was grossed out and explained in a round-about way that we eat what we eliminate. What we pass into the toilet, processes through sewage, into the ocean, fish swim in the ocean, irrigated into crops, feeds livestock, and eventually we consume these products.

After fully processing how organisms and the environment recycles itself, "all natural" or as natural as we can get, seems to be the favorable alternative. How amazing is it that my motivations to help reduce environmental pollutants were inspired by a 10 year old boy? Perhaps, the lesson learned is to be more mindful of what we wash our laundry with, pour down the disposal, and the chemicals used for cleaning. Keep in mind that in the end, these chemicals disrupt our natural environment and cycles back into our water.

Now, why do we want all natural soaps? Because, we love watching our dogs play in the lake water, smell fresh flowers bloom in the spring, drink crisp water flowing in the creek, and lastly, I want the next generation to enjoy these experiences too.

Now, why should you want all natural soaps? Because we can preserve natural resources that are quickly running out! Because artificial chemicals don't promote anything beneficial. Because our skin will thank us. Because.....I can go on and on...But at least take away this message...there is nothing like relaying sustainable eco-mindfulness to our friends and family who will spread the word!  

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 Why Natural soaps?

 March 2014